Communication is an art but only partly. Partly it is science. It is Science of knowing consumers, their behavior, interests and needs. To structure the communication through audio-visual takes a lot of research, thorough planning and fine execution. Primetime has huge experience of making TV advertisements and TV content.


Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements have huge impact on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Primetime has good connections in TV, Films and Sports world. They have leveraged these connections to get renowned celebrities to endorse many upcoming brands.
Virat Kohli- Red Chief Shoes
Vidya Balan- Venus Soap
Priyanka Chopra- Xpert Dishwash, Proease Sanitary Napkin

TV Ads

Primetime has produced/executed over 40 advertising commercials for their clients. These films have been made at various budgets.

Primetime has also made many documentaries, corporate films


We have produced over 100 hours of TV programming for Doordarshan and satellite channels. Few of the well-known serials are Chanakya, Raaste, Filmi-Chakkar, Parwarish, Song-show, Tiger, Talaq-Kyun etc.


Primetime has made many Radio commercials as well as Radio dramas, Radio sponsored programs.